On Friday 5thApril a crowd of 50 or so people, gathered outside Granary Cottage in Mulberry Green for the unveiling of a plaque to Douglas Hayter.

The attendees included members of Harlow Civic Society, past and present employees of Hayter’s, and members of the Hayter family. The plaque is in memory of Douglas Hayter, founder of Hayter’s Ltd in Spellbrook, a thriving company. He is best known for the Hayter lawnmower as well as numerous other industrial devices.

Speakers introduced by Stan Newens, Chair of Harlow Civic Society, included Cllr Maggie Hulcoop, Chair of Harlow District Council, Douglas Hayter’s daughter, Janet, and Raghu Das, Managing Director of Hayter’s Ltd. Robert Halfon MP then unveiled the plaque.

Harlow Civic Society has a policy of erecting plaques to significant contributors to the community. In the past these have included Sir Frederick Gibberd, two world-famous scientists and other notable men and women.

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