In August, we were invited by Dr Rebecca Madgin, Professor of Urban Studies, University of Glasgow, to contribute an article for Context, the journal of the Institute of Historical Building Conservation. This was for an edition on New Town heritage, the aim which was to promote a rethink of the heritage of New Towns and how they develop. They wanted  a piece on Harlow and in particular the role of the Civic Society in defending heritage in planning decisions and our Architecture and Design awards.

We produced an article that sets out the development of Harlow’s design, from the Master Plan to the current proposals, and includes Harlow’s prestige as the foremost example of new towns’ commitment to public sculpture and the development of the Harlow Architectural Design Awards.    

The article was published in the November edition of the Context journal under the title ‘Harlow and its Civic Society’.

The theme of this edition is ‘Learning from new towns’ and includes articles on New Towns in Germany, the former Czechoslovakia, France, New Town Heritage, new Garden Towns, the Milton Keynes Heritage Register, as well as our piece on Harlow.

Here is a link to the Harlow article:

From this link you can access the whole of the November edition of Context.

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