John Curry led one of his famous walks starting from Passmores House, leading a group of 25 around a 3 and a quarter mile route to appreciate the landscaping and architecture around here.

We started with Paul Lunnon, head arborist at HTS, telling us about some of the wonderful mature trees in the grounds of Passmores House. We then went through Willowfield, Abbotsweld and Barn Mead; then through the North-South Green Wedge with views to the Town Centre. Then onwards through Rushes Mead, Bushey Croft and Waterhouse Moor to St Andrews church and the newly restored Netteswell pond. We then returned along the Todd Brook valley to our starting point at Passmores.

Many thanks to John for this walk, which made us appreciate some of Harlow’s hidden treasures and reminded us why it is such a great place to live!

Trees at Passmores House
Green Wedge looking north to the Town Centre
St Andrews church

The route of the walk, kindly provided by Nick Langman from the OS app. Note the time is the actual time spent walking.
Canada geese at Netteswell pond
Netteswell pond and Moor Tower
Civic Centre from Todd Brook

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